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What I do

  • Find People
  • Incident Response
    • finding who broke into your website or computer.
    • finding out what they took and where they sold it.
  • Trace assets for Civil Judgments
    • you must have a valid civil judgment in your favor for me to do this
  • Find Property
    • you must be legal owner of the property
  • Research a person or a corporation’s personal history
    • if you are a stalker I will report you to the police very fast.
  • Background Checks for Online Dating
    • If you are a stalker….see above.

How to get in touch with me

  • email only. erik dot solomonson at gmail dot com.
    • explain the situation the best that you can. Include as many details as possible.

What are my rates?

  • $200 an hour.
    • sliding scale can apply. Please email me for a quote.
    • I may need to charge for expenses. Email me for a list of possible expenses.

What do you do for free?

  • Too much. I have a real job with consistent income.
  • Here are some typical scenarios and the free advice to go with them.

I think the man/woman I met online may be married how can…

  • They are married. No one ever suspects that about unmarried people.

My mother is sending money to an American Serviceman stuck in Nigeria.

  • No American serviceman is going to be stuck anywhere there is an Embassy. Plus they have family or friends. Get a lawyer to get power of attorney over your relative.

My brother / son went to a seminar on how to be an “Alpha Male” and he agreed to pay a $20,000.00 non refundable fee for a “one on one” session with the instructor in Las Vegas. Can I get his money back?

  • Yes. Alpha Male Seminar Instructors are incredibly easy to intimidate. I charge 80% of whatever I get returned. Not a good deal but better than $0.00.

I want my ex back? Can you help?

  • No. I try to solve problems not create them.

Were you mentioned in a New York Times Article?

*Yes. I was told to put that here.

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